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At Horowitz Health, we focus on the individual.
By getting to know each person, our team can start the
hard work that individuals and their comprehensive care
teams embark on towards long-term, successful outcomes.

Supporting individuals and
families in recovery since 2012

At Horowitz Health, it’s just different. You see it in our people and our recovery programs—and feel it in everything we do. Our experts are more experienced. Our treatment more personalized. Our entire approach more grounded in humanity. We focus on healing, with treatment for substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. That means we’re putting in the work. With you. Beside you. To offer the best chance at long-lasting recovery. Giving you the kind of care you deserve and providing treatment the way it can—and should be.

4000+ Individuals
2000+ Families
10+ Years

Our Programs

Filling in the Gaps since 2012

Drew Horowitz is known for finding a need in the community and filling that need. With that in mind, he has opened five successful recovery-based programs that allow clients to be treated as they should; with dignity and respect.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards because we value you,
even when you don’t.

What Our Clients Say

Our family of companies pride themselves on offering life-changing client care without the shame or guilt

Our son is alive and in recovery because of Drew and his staff.

Our son was suffering in addiction, denial, and not willing to enter treatment. My wife and I felt alone and had nowhere to turn. Drew was the one person that stayed in direct contact with our son the entire time while providing guidance and support to us.

— Christopher Parker

The staff are VERY awesome and caring.

I had the best care and the facility is so beautiful and serene. The counselors care very much for setting you up with a great treatment plan and everyone is so nice. It is like a family.

— Sarah Northagen

As a parent, I can say Recovery Academy is what worked for our son.

He was in many treatment facilities both inpatient and outpatient all over the country for 5 years. The long term treatment model is key.

— Nancy Kurth

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Clinical Interventions

An intervention gathers family and friends together to help your loved understand their addiction.

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Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Elite Recovery is an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) addiction treatment program based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Sober Companion Services

A sober companion, also known as a sober living companion, is a clinician who provides one-on-one services 24 hours a day when an individual is unable to enter a treatment program.

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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Services

Gateway Recovery Center services include: 24/7 Concierge-Based Admissions, Full Medical Drug & Alcohol Detoxification, Clinical Case Management, Individual Therapy, Chemical Health Education, Hosted AA/NA Groups, Peer Support Groups and Continuing Care Coordination.

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Highly Supportive Structured Living Environment

The Recovery Academy offers a highly structured supportive living environment for men with substance use and/or mental health disorders.

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Sober Living

At Recovery Homes of Minnesota, we recognize the importance of an individualized approach to recovery.

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Experience the difference through a zero-commitment call to see which program is right for you, your loved one or your client. Our team is standing by to get to know you and start the journey.

Individualized Care
Comprehensive Care Teams
Medical, Clinical, Nutritional, Peer Support & Intervention Services available
Industry-Leading Care for Substance Use, Mental Health and co-occurring

At Horowitz Health, it’s just different.

You see it in our people and our recovery programs and feel it in everything we do.

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