Damir S. Utrzan

Chief Compliance and Strategic Development Officer

Damir S. Utrzan, Ph.D., LMFT, DAAETS

Dr. Utrzan is Chief Compliance and Strategic Development Officer at Horowitz Health, where he ensures organizational compliance with industry laws and regulations while contributing to its long-term goals. His responsibilities encompass analyzing market trends and competitive landscapes to identify growth strategies for treating co-occurring disorders and aligning resources accordingly.

Previously, Dr. Utrzan was Manager of Mental Health Services and Interim Psychiatry Administrator for the Midwest Region at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. He effectively managed clinical (i.e., mental health services) and non-clinical (i.e., psychiatry services) operations across six sites in these roles. Dr. Utrzan demonstrated expertise in managing provider-patient outcomes and implementing quality performance metrics. He spearheaded the successful rebuilding of the organization’s psychiatry service line through a comparative analysis of key metrics, best practices research, and market evaluation. Additionally, Dr. Utrzan served as the Treatment Director of an Intensive Residential Treatment Services facility operated by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. In this capacity, he oversaw budget management, ensured adherence to financial protocols, tracked utilization management, and conducted analyses of legislative impacts on service delivery.

Dr. Utrzan’s contributions extend beyond his primary roles. He currently serves on the Human Services Performance Management Council, providing valuable advice to the Commissioner regarding the operation and ongoing development of human services. He also holds the position of an unaffiliated Research Scientist on the Institutional Review Board at the University of Minnesota, where he ensures advanced research oversight in compliance with federal regulations. Dr. Utrzan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He also holds the distinction of being a Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor in Minnesota.

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