Stephanie Goode

Clinical Director, Gateway Recovery Center

Stephanie Goode, MBA, LADC

Stephanie Goode, LADC, MBA is the Executive Director at Gateway Recovery Center with 14 years of experience in the addiction field. Stephanie began her career at the grass roots of treatment and rehabilitation working as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Twin Town, Hazelden Center City and Hazelden St. Paul in Residential and Outpatient settings. She additionally served on Ramsey County DWI Court and worked in programs that specialized with health care professionals.

After completing her MBA and a business internship in 2018, Stephanie returned to Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. In her role of Market Manager she worked to provide solutions, education, and training for SUD and Behavioral health on evidence-based practices, specifically regarding the stigma and use of MAT services.

Stephanie joined Gateway Recovery Center during its inception and startup as the Treatment Director. Gateway Recovery Center has grown and has two- 18 bed facilities with a focus on withdrawal management and preparation for clients success into long term addiction solutions.

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